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Pykonik Tech Talks #55

Pykonik Tech Talks #55 – playlista

We are pleased to announce that CLUG is helping to organize the next #55 meeting of python language enthusiasts. This time, the lectures will be given by:

  • [ENG] Piotr Gnus – The magic of pyproject.toml

In this talk we’ll learn why the pyproject.toml file format was created, what issues does it solve and what issues does it bring to the Python world. Is it good? Is it bad? We will find out!

  • [ENG] Dominik Czarnota – CPython bugs review

In this talk we will look into a few bug cases in CPython, some of which are still present and may impose a security risk for admins or organizations.

…and as always – lightning talks – ~5 minutes talks that can be given by anyone on any topic. Talk to us either online or during the event if you want to give one!